Ohio had a bad year for production. But we have a lot available in small containers or bulk in drums. Whatever amount you desire, we have what you need!

      Maple Syrup is in great demand as more people want to source their food and buy more locally. Research is revealing many benefits and antioxidants. This has been lost over the years due to subsidized cane sugar. That being said it's a great time to be in Maple!! Our variety of over 160 Maple Syrup products gives the consumer more choices when garnishing their food than any other company in the world. We provide product in our retail store in Chardon as well as wholesale stock with a route truck in Ohio. Also shipping by pallet anywhere in the World. Check out our location finder on the top tab to find a place near you.

Richards buys bulk syrup of all grades as long as they are in Stainless Steel containers 15 gallons or more. We also sell all grades in bulk from 5 gallons buckets to 55-gallon drums.

We are very fortunate at Richards Maple to provide CDL Maple Equipment, H&M Fabricating and The RO Bucket for the producer. New and used equipment and supplies are stuffed on every flat surface we can find. If we don't have it, we can get it and you can trade your syrup for equipment.

Richards Maple Products is truly "YOUR ONE STOP MAPLE SHOP"

Fred Ahrens